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The path to finding soul-level fulfillment  is different for everyone. Allow me to guide you there with trauma informed yogic practice, self reflection and intuitive energy healing.

Alyssa Caron

Soul Fulfilment guide

We’re all capable of becoming someone that’s confident, intuitive, and powerful in our own unique expression and abilities. What it takes to get there is trust, self compassion, patience, curiosity and a relationship to our bodies & minds.

I know what it’s like to hit rock bottom & realize that the life you’ve created for yourself is based in ideals that encourage you to disconnect from your emotions, body, desires, intuition, and authentic self. The work I do with one on one and group clients based in the healing modalities that supported me (and continue to support me) in climbing out of the inauthentic, disembodied, and people pleasing life I used to live.

Through guided meditations, connecting to your spirit team, breath work, and movement, we access the subconscious patterns and beliefs that keep you afraid to let your true soul shine bright. Through those same tools, you’re then able to uncover what your true emotions, desires, intuition and self expression look and feel like. The final step is the true alchemy; creating sustainable habits and practices to help you stay accountable and compassionate during your journey to authentic self expression.

You hold the magic. I support you in harnessing it. 

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Canmore, Alberta, Canada

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