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I had an Akashic Records Alchemy session done with Alyssa and it blew me away. She was able to tap into my past life to understand the karmic debt I carried into this lifetime. Throughout the session I saw a green light getting brighter the deeper we went into my concerns and I felt my heart center opening, allowing space to heal. It was so easy to open up to get the answers I needed and more came through even after the session. This allowed me to make the connections needed to further my healing process and ultimately understand why I have a block in this lifetime. I highly recommend working with Alyssa, she is such a beautiful soul and a remarkable bridge between me and my guides 💗

- Angela -

My Akashic Records Healing was absolutely amazing with Alyssa. Her gifts to connect with the akashic records and guides, is very evident! This was a container of Healing, that she leads with the guides and allows for you to feel safe being vulnerable to freely receive & understand the spiritual alignment of this life issue and where it steps from. Past Life came up for me as well as a huge mindshift from the clarity of connection. I also felt like I felt literally lighter after this session. Alyssa is so gifted, and this is truly a gift to your soul in these sessions. I will definitely do this again, especially if I am recognizing patterns in my life that need to be illuminated! I felt amazing afterwards, highly recommend!

- Kristen -

Alyssa creates such a warm, welcoming, comfortable and safe space for these readings - even with it being virtual I had such a intimate and mindblowing experience, from start to finish. This was the first time I ever did an Akashic records healing session and it definitely won’t be the last. I left the session not only feeling better but also with gained insight to a past life experience, and what gifts I have in my current life that I really wasn’t fully aware of. I went into the session hoping for healing regarding one topic, and although I did get the answers I was looking for, I left with even more knowledge than I could have even imagined regarding other triggers/cycles I l’ve experienced throughout my lifetime . Alyssa really is such a magical person who just makes you feel at ease through the whole reading. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning more about their soul’s in a deeper way than they could ever imagine.

- Jess -

The mentoring with Alyssa is exactly what I needed at this point in my life. She was so kind, helpful, understanding, and willing to listen. This really helped me open my eyes and understand why I do the things I do as well as how to change them/heal myself. These are all things that I knew deep down but never put together. I am working on choosing things that align with my current self (even though it might be intimidating). This really allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident with myself and my choices. I would do this again in a heartbeat because it was such a positive experience. Alyssa helped me find positive ways to heal past trauma and I will forever be thankful. She has one of the most bright and wonderful souls I have ever met. If you have the chance to meet her or work with her you won't regret it!

- Sara


Alyssa is a wonderful mentor. I learned so much from her wisdom and guidance. Her kindness helped me dig deep and connect!

- Nicollette - 

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