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Alyssa Caron

soul fulfillment guide

As a child, my intuitive channels were very receptive (like most of ours were!) and my mum was super connected to the spirit world through her dreams.   I grew up with a wild imagination and extremely vivid dreams - both sleeping and waking.


As life would have it; traumas big and small built layers of armour that distanced me from my authentic, intuitive and magical nature. This lead to escapism through overindulgence of drinking and drugs, the seeking of male attention and overworking to the point of burnout as a young adult.


Ultimately, I was doing everything in my power to avoid being alone with my own thoughts and feelings...

Because when I was alone, I couldn't ignore how unfulfilled I felt. Deep down I knew I had buried parts of myself that were dying to be expressed.


In 2019, I stopped drinking and consciously began peeling away those layers of "armour" through therapy, yoga, shadowwork, journaling, and support from an Embodiment Coach.  This was the beginning of my Spiritual ReAwakening. 


In 2020 I got laid off with much of the world, causing me to be even MORE alone with my thoughts. My first instinct was to find work for myself (hello work-a-hol-ism); so I began offering free Tarot readings to friends & family. 

I quickly realized that supporting myself and others through the ups and downs of our lives is what comes easily to me & brings me true fulfillment. Positive testimonials flooding in gave me the confidence to start an online business from it. I've been supporting clients through their challenges and blessings ever since. 


I use many different healing modalities here at Bloom to Fruit Alchemy, though the outcome of our work together will always be the same; to find fulfillment in every era of our lives.


As you explore my offerings, you'll notice the prices range from free to high level investments. When I created this business, I promised myself to provide accessibility to everyone, so you can trust that whatever you're able to commit to financially and energetically, there is support for you. 

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My Approach

I know first-hand the impact that trauma, societal "norms" and religious upbringing can have on our ability to feel safe or supported enough to live the life we truly desire and deserve. I am committed to helping you create a fulfilling life for yourself, regardless of your circumstances (or rather, feel fulfilled in the life you have right this moment).

The practices I use are a combination of guided meditations, breath-work, the 8-limbed Yogic Path, and connecting to your spirit team, all through a Certified Trauma Informed lense. 

Whether you desire access to pre-recorded meditations & group support, continued one-to-one coaching, or a singular hour-long session, there is something here for you. If you're unsure where to start, send me a message in the chat bubble below!

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