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Image by Ksenia Yakovleva

1:1 Sessions

Kickstart your Soul Fulfillment journey with a single session.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Akashic Records

If something is weighing heavily on your mind & heart, allow your spirit team to help you heal inside your Akashic Records. The Akashic Records hold the vibration of unconditional love, while also holding insight into your past lives, ancestral line, and the reason your life has turned out the way it has.

One hour - Virtual zoom call

Image by Luca Volpe

Akashic Embodiment

If you’re an intuitive who’s ready to deepen your intuition, authenticity and healing abilities, learn to use your body as your channel through this coaching style session. This session is comprised of energy healing, a movement practice, and Akashic Records reading to support you in handling life’s curveballs with presence, awareness and trust.

One hour - Virtual zoom call - 5 days of distance energy healing - 5 days of WhatsApp coaching
*Also available in long-term coaching package bundles*

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